Cabriza Blue & Silver Crocheted Necklace Set Handmade

Cabriza Blue & Silver Crocheted Necklace Set Handmade

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A beautiful and exclusive set with necklace and earrings, the necklace is wire wrapped and the pendant and earrings were crocheted with the Peruvian stitch technique.
The pendant is a stunning natural stone set with wire.
Knitted pieces can be extremely lightweight like this set because they are made with a very thin thread of wire.

The set is made with high quality glass beads and professional tarnish proof wire.
Every single chain and charm is handmade, even the clasps.
The necklace measures approx. 46 cm.
An elegant timeless accessory for any occasion.

 The Peruvian stitch is the Art of Making Loops. The Peruvian technique was created by Juan Pacheco (a neo ancestral sculptor) in Peru in 1992, due to the need to create a flexible and uniform mesh to build sculptures and now, this technique is used in many countries.

*** Jewelry parts are made entirely by hand, without welding or adhesives. The copper wires are for professional use (either silver or gold) that have a polymeric coating that prevents them from losing color or staining. Therefore the quality of life of these only depends on the good use that is given to it - that is, as long as it is treated with delicacy and not exposed to strong shocks or scratches. They should remain in perfect condition for many years.

Handmade in the USA By Artisan Jewelry Designer Maria Cabriza
Ships from ConUS