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Question: Where is Gentle Lady Boutique registered?
Is there a contact email address?
Answer: Registered and operating in North Carolina, Gentle Lady Boutique.
Email is

Question: What is a "Roaring20s Mix/Match Theme?"
Answer:  We seek fashionable attributes from the early 20th century to current trends: Maxi/midi hems, embroidery, sheer embellished fabrics, uniform cuts, drop-waist, modest necklines, and more. We prioritize similar elements in contemporary designs, with a few exceptions like mini hem lengths.

Question: What is "Drop-shipping?" And do you have physical inventory?
Drop-shipping is the new word for "Catalog Orders," except the catalog is online!
Yes, we are a combination of drop-ship catalog WITH physical home inventory.

Question: Why isn't the store entirely USA made?
Answer:  We list items from around the world.  There are a few reasons.
- It is a challenge to procure USA made products appropriate for the boutique's theme.
- We have found much of USA made items, entirely unsuitable for the store. ie, low quality, too short, too revealing, too slutty, plain ugly,  etc...
- We would rather support the USA America First Vendors, and our theme with amazing choices, verses selling unqualified items. We only buy inventory from USA vendors, and quite alot procure items in their warehouse from around the world. Many pieces are truly high quality, and beautifully tailored garments.
- Another important point to make, USA Made garments often are, double-the-price of imports. We want to offer choices for all budgets.

Question:  You have a Mobile Boutique, but why not a brick & mortar store?
Answer:  We believe it is unaffordable and not really a trend for the future.

Question:  How would you describe your America First activism?
Answer: More than fair, compared to "Influencers." My daughter and I opened the store because of the oppressive mask mandates. I (Theresa) became an active member of the protest group, "Americans Against Mask Mandates" and signed into numerous group pro se lawsuits against the airlines enforcing it. I went public with my story and drew press attention (print and video podcast) not only for my story, but for other key people involved in the same protest. I spoke at local patriot meetings about ideas to take action. We opened the boutique fed-up with the "woke" jokes pushing their sickness. We want to give Patriettes choices for the best first impressions!

Question:  Where do you place ads, and what are your social media pages?
Serving the non-woke market, we advertise on Public Square, Gab Social, and Mammoth Nation currently. We do have a product page on Pinterest, but advertising was not a good experience.  Our SM regulars with good reason, are Gab @truthdisclosurewarrior - Gettr @packetcaptures,  and Truth Social @Genlady.