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Patriot, and Veteran Owned;
My daughter and I, created Gentle Lady Boutique with a simple idea in mind, "Lobby For a More Gentle America!"
The definition given in the popular movie, Blast From The Past, "A gentle person ensures everyone around them is comfortable at all times." This has meaning with actions and words. My daughter and I believe that most conflict could be avoided with simple gentle manners. We believe America has lost this laudable skill, which was still present in the early 20th century.
That said, we will not roll over for the beast!
Went "woke" now go broke!
"Patriettes," sophisticated and tasteful, women's-only shopping.
We believe in Truth Disclosure for all things! We both had service jobs prior to the Usurpers overtaking our government. We refused to partake in the oppressive compliance ritual of the mask mandates, and found our own numerous ways to fight back.
We introduced Gentle Lady first, at OUR own local Patriot Meeting (with a powerpoint presentation) in March of 2021. (See Pic Below & Press Links Below)
Find ways YOU can take action!

We want our boutique to represent our values and yours.
Tasteful, elegant, sophisticated, conservative casual, with a fun Roaring 20s Mix/Match.
We believe, our apparel outfits will award you with the best first impressions.

At the Biltmore Estate, Asheville NC

Our goal is to offer women classic clothing choices; both modern and vintage cuts.
Lets Cancel and Replace Woke Clothing Companies Together!

We look for trendy fashion styles from the roaring20s. Midi hem lines, sheer fabrics, embroidered fabrics, exotic prints, conservative necklines, drop-waist, embellished materials, uniformed dresses, and maxi hem lines.
There are exceptions; we also have contemporary designs, with some tasteful low cuts at the décolleté, and unique mini dresses.
We want product that will mix/match smartly, mini to floor-length. 

1920s style dresses becomes 2020s style dresses. #Roaring20sAgain !
We have a Mobile Boutique. For 2023, we are only excepting limited PRIVATE appointments. A fully equipped mobile store, in a renovated 30' Class C RV, including a dressing room! A Tea Service is included with every private appointment. Please see link in Boutique's Menu, for more information.

 For Product Procurement: 
We contract with USA Vendors, and we list items from around the world.
The "Made in the USA Collection" - Our USA Made products are announced in the product description area.  Please have a look at our "Made in the USA" collection 100+ items and growing!

Our in-house physical inventory is growing. The boutique is a combination of physical, home-inventory filling a Mobile Boutique, and drop-shipped catalog from our authorized USA Vendors.
Home Inventory is maintained in North Carolina.
2023 Launch - Mobile Boutique; Exclusive Private Appointments to request in-person sampling. (See link in Boutique's Header)

We carry USA MADE designer/brand-name items.
Here is a partial sample list.

Paris Bloom By Mary Kunkel and Audrey Cole,
VM Clothing Co,
Eva Franco, (a USA luxury brand)
Fabina, (a USA luxury brand)
Bella Berry,
Bella Chic,
Tasha Apparel,
EG Fashions,
RM Richards,
E. Luna Apparel,
Moa Collection,
Orange Farm Clothing,
.....and More......

Additional Designer/Brand-Names we love to stock.
Nataya Age of Love
Maggy London
Donna Morgan
Adrianna Papell
Adrianna Papell Hailey
Aidan Mattox
Walter Baker
Anne Klein
K Stevens
Tiana B.
J. Taylor
London Times
Phase 7
Sue Wong
Alex Evenings
Ivanka Trump
Maya Brooke
RM Richards (some pieces are USA Made)
TASHA Apparel (some pieces are USA Made)
Davi & Dani (some pieces are USA Made)
Bella Chic (some pieces are USA Made)
Acting Pro (some pieces are USA Made and NOT included in the Made in the USA Collection due to the random nature of the origin)
Clover & Sloane
Madison Leigh
......and More.....

We invite ANY USA apparel maker to please contact us if you believe we are a good match! If we agree, we will place consignments or make a vendor agreement with you. Please spread the word! 

On Photography: My daughter and I was lucky enough to meet Jonna, a pin-up photographer since 2019, vintage makeup artist, and hairstylist. We are looking forward to many product-photo projects with her. We are currently using her photographs, procured with her authority, on our homepage slideshow.
Jonna originally got excited about pin-up style via her husband. He was into old American cars and took her to car shows. She loved watching “I Love Lucy” when she was a kid so she learned to style herself to classic pin-ups and later, trained herself to become an official makeup artist. She has worked for Pinup Garage and for Pin-Up Helsinki. She has also produced pin-up competitions for Pin-Up Finland!
Contact Jonna by email joy.licious.domina@protonmail.com


Here are some actual customer comments

Customer, Ms. Johnson says, "Thank you for such great customer service, communication and prompt shipping.  I am rebuilding myself, my wardrobe and my life after a lengthy illness and I had tears in my eyes when I opened the package - what a beautiful handbag ! I haven't had anything so pretty in so long!!!  Will recommend your company to people!!"

A Customer in April'21 "The owner, Theresa Mullins has the best taste in clothes! I would wear anything she has on this website for sale in a minute! Thank you for standing up to the SCAMdemic. It is in our Bill of Rights that we can choose to wear a mask or not chose to wear one. I admire you and I'm praying for you to be blessed all the days of your life! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS SHIRT and I can't wait to get it! thank you!"

A Customer in Oct '22 "I can't thank y'all enough for shipping the dress so quickly. It is stunning! And it actually did come in time to save me from the wedding situation where my other dress was damaged. I am so happy about everything. Thank y'all again!

A Customer in Mar '23 "To whom it may concern, I just had to send an email and tell you Bravo!  I just received the dress I ordered in the mail today.  By far it is the best quality material that I have ever had in a dress, and the beauty of the design is just as stunning on as it was in the pictures!  The speed with which I received the dress was just as amazing as the product. I ordered it on March 7th and received it on March 10th.  I thank you and will definitely be ordering more from The Gentle Lady Boutique!"

 We are most often logged in, and you will likely receive a reply very quickly. Contacting us is easy. Just email customerservice@gentleladyboutique.com

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With Much Affection,

Theresa Mullins
Veteran & Patriot



The Voice Behind the Boutique!

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